NPI Has Been The Center Of Excellence 

For the last 18 years of growing period, a substantial investment has been made in infrastructure development to fill up the necessity of the present demand. The institute is now running with the strategy to develop separate colleges in the field of Engineering, Agriculture and Health Sciences. It has three different campuses on its self-owned land within the walking distance of main NPI complex.

We welcome all prospective students to NPI; grab the opportunities and glow out your heart and mind for the better world. We assure that our teaching and administrative staffs always care and guide you to the right ways for your better career. Our well-furnished library and laboratories with modern facilities always create your desire to do innovative works. We look forward to meeting with you here at Bharatpur and welcome to join us as our NPI family.
NPI Offers You An International Approach

By the time, many international organizations such as UNDP, ILO, SDC, Helvetas, ADB, Alliance etc. have been working with us in partnership for providing vocational trainings for unemployed youths from underprivileged societies of Nepal. Last year NPI has a grant from Teach a Man to Fish, UK to conduct floriculture and nursery training for unemployed young ladies.

Every year our I Sc Ag graduates are going to participate in paid OJT for one-year period in AICAT, Israel where they learn more about international marketing and farming of livestock and vegetable crops. At present, we have been implementing a project- Solar Power Unit at Balaju in collaboration with Dundee College, UK. These all activities prove our international exposure, which indirectly helps to recognize our students internationally.
NPI Prepares You For Global Competition 

This is the age of global competition. Our students, future technocrat, must face arrays of challenges in their future career. They must have multidimensional qualities to attract their clients who fetch quick and accurate services. We hereby promise that we always try to make friendly environment and provide the best platform for ideal teaching learning activities. We assure the quality of education.


 At present, we offer twelve different regular programs from TSLC to bachelor level in the field of Engineering, Agriculture and Health sciences. Thus, we provide you with ample of alternatives and opportunities to choose the subjects that best suit for you to cope up with your desire. Since inception, we have a conviction that we never compromise for quality. For the last 15 years, we spent a lot for infrastructure development, laboratories facilities and as such for the change of overall outlooks of the NPI.
Excellent Learning Environment

NPI is located at Bharratpur municipality of Chitwan district, so called medical city and proposed capital of Nepal. It is located at the central point of Nepal accessible to the students from Mechi to Mahakali. Narayani River, Devghat Dham, Saurah of Chitwan Natinal Park, Bikram Baba Mandir and Manakamana are some of the popular places at the periphery of NPI, which attract thousands of internal and foreign tourists.

Students coming from far places will get an opportunity to visit such a natural beauty whilst in the study process.Mortgage rates are influenced by a variety of factors, but in a number of cases when unfavorable economic news is released and people flee from stocks and move into bonds, mortgage rates will fall. At present, we have around 1500 students studying in twelve different subjects in TSLC, certificate and bachelor level.

NPI Is The Largest Institution of its Kind 

NPI is the largest technical institution affiliated to the CTEVT and PU, which offers dozen of academic and training courses. Besides TSLC and certificate level programs, we started Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBN) from 2010 and in the process to start bachelor level programs in Veterinary Science and Engineering.

We cordially invite all the students enduring technical education. This is the place where you will find your lifetime mission and goal. We always assure quality education producing competent graduates in their field. An outstanding result of passed students proves our quality. I look forward to receiving your positive feedback that will be an asset in our academic endeavor.

Role of Event Project for institutional Development PDF Print E-mail

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, EVENT Project has been working in Nepal enhancing skill oriented activates. As far as we know that EVENT has been conducting different skill based activities, which are really necessary for the trainees. Moreover, it has focused on females, so called endangered, marginal, economically and socially backward people to gain knowledge and develop skills getting different trainings and even academic programs.

It is a matter of pleasure for us being selected for performance grants of EVENT. We have been a part of this project for more than two years. During this period EVENT has provided Rs 1,03,78,483.00 indifferent periods to us which we have been utilizing for the overall development of the institution. Laboratories are regarded as the backbone of technical education. NPI has well equipped laboratories simply because of the grants provided by EVENT. Due the the availability of wide space, necessary instruments, chemicals, and essential materials the students of this institution have been getting much benefits. Likewise, many of the excursions have been done using the fund donated by EVENT. From there excursions, students are getting advantages with the ample knowledge for their related field.

The electronic attendance system, probably NPI had introduced for the first time in chitwan, installed due to the amount of money granted by EVENT. Apart from these educational activities, NPI has offered to faculties to take part different seminars, workshops, trainings etc. for their personality development. Overall, a performance grant to NPI has been boon to deliver technical education for the socially and economically deprived group which will ensure their better career ahead. Consequently, NPI has been getting milestone due to continuous support from EVENT. Currently, NPI has become the largest technical institution across the nation. Hence, it has sound infrastructures, wide range of books, laboratory equipments, regular field visits and well-experienced faculties, which are possible due to the tremendous support given by EVENT.



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